For those who have not heard, we are moving forward with the Triangle Pen Show, June 10-13.

The situation here in NC IS good. Our numbers are very favorable and the vaccine roll out is strong. Make no mistake, we will take measures to safe guard attendees by requiring masks.

We will have plenty of hand sanitizer starting at registration and throughout the ballroom and foyer.

We are currently accepting reservations for a few exhibitors.

Please contact me via email with questions at ASAP. Thanks, Terry

This is a program sponsored by the
Pen Collectors of America (PCA) 

We will briefly discuss the
history of writing implements. 
Children will get a chance to try grinding ink on an ink stone with Japanese stick ink. 
While they are taking turns grinding ink, testing the ink, and admiring the materials displayed.  Each child’s name will be written in calligraphy. 

This will be followed by some note writing and origami crafts.We will also have a door prize drawing – but you have to be there to win!