A portion of the pens being made available in this years auction are from the sales inventory of our friend John Hall.

Jonathan Veley, the trustee and good buddy of John Hall has those pens in his possession and will be bringing them to Raleigh.

As I ( Ben Mawhorter ) am not involved in the 2021 Raleigh auction in any way, 

please contact Jon with questions regarding John Halls pens.

You can view photos of the pens on his blog page at this link:


Our thanks to Jon and all of the folks stepping in to help during my absence.

For questions regarding the remaining lots for the 2021 Triangle auction including payment, photos or catalogue you can contact Terry Mawhorter. Please remember my Dad is doing this years auction on his own ( without me ) with some assistance from "volunteers" at the show.

In addition to managing every aspect of the show,

he will have his hands full putting together the catalogue and tagging of each lot.

It's a ton of work so please exercise patience in your correspondence with him. 

Included in this years auction is this awesome Dealer Display desk set.

These desk sets were apparently only made available to Sheaffer's Dealers.

Available at auction with a small reserve.